A SPECIAL EDITION of our 21 Days of Prayer includes the October 26 recording of Pray the Scriptures with Dr. Barry Gaeddert. Watch this video and pray this scripture as we proclaim, ‘Thy Will Be Done'–in our church!


You are invited to join Pray the Scriptures every Tuesday-Thursday at 8:30am EDT by registering here: 

21 Days of Prayer and Meditation

From October 18 through November 7, Peachtree will unite in prayer to ask for God’s will in our lives, in our church, and in our community and world. Engage the following scripture from Paul’s letter to Timothy, consider the questions in this guide, and pray the requests and scriptures each week.

On Sunday, November 7, we will unite in morning worship to present our gifts to God for Peachtree’s mission in 2022.