Spiritual formation

Are you longing for new ways to connect with God and grow deeper in your faith? Do you desire to be surrounded by community, fellow sojourners walking alongside you, as you develop into the likeness of Jesus? Are you hoping to become aware of how God is calling you, specifically, to join Him in the restoration of all things?

We invite you to consider joining the next Spiritual Formation Cohort. The Fuller Theological Seminary Spiritual Formation Cohort is a group of people who journey together for 9 months learning about and engaging with ancient spiritual practices, sharing experiences that enable them to grow in their faith, learn more about their mission in the world, and hopefully become and look a little more like Jesus along the way. The Cohort participates in four bi-monthly retreats, small groups meet monthly, and Cohort members receive weekly content about spiritual practices along with guidance on how to engage with the practice.


The cost to participate is $200.

Reflections From Recent Cohort Members


“The Fuller Cohort has been one of the most valuable experiences I have had in my faith journey. I continue many of the practices and experience a deeper relationship with Christ as a result.”



“The Fuller Spiritual Formation Cohort has been transformative—carrying me to a new level of spiritual growth with very familiar Christian practices. It delights me that the relevance of the ancient practices of our church are being revived by programs like yours, and I believe they are so very needed in our culture today.”

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