Registrations for our summer camps and mission trips are launching Wednesday, February 28 at 7pm. For more details and the links for each trip please visit our Summer info page.

Peachtree Student Ministry serves our students between sixth grade and college. We partner with our families to raise up the next generation of disciples committed to Jesus by helping students behold the Living God and His Word, connect with a mentor, and belong to a fellowship of friends, creating lifetime relationships and memories.

Supporting students is our priority. Their growing relationship with the Living God is our commitment and our daily prayer. We believe the best way to accomplish this is by participating in their lives: attending sporting events or performances, grabbing coffee, or even just meeting for lunch.


Milestones for each group also help Peachtree mark the crucial steps along our students’ journeys of faith. Every two years, we celebrate our students’ walk in a deep foundational way.

6th Grade (Spring) - The Path
8th Grade (Fall) - Confirmation
10th Grade (Fall) - Younique
12th Grade (Spring) - Rooted


Through gatherings, trips, and events planned throughout the year, our students are welcome to bring friends and introduce them to the Student Ministry at Peachtree Church.

Sunday Mornings

10am  |  The Lodge

Sunday mornings, students gather to pray, share life, and study God’s Word together. 

Where we meet

Middle School (grades 6-8)  |  Canyon

High School (grades 9–12)  |  Room 4108


Students are invited to attend the 11:15am worship service with Student Ministry staff and leaders.


Impact nights

The Lodge


In 2024, we're introducing "Impact Nights" at the Lodge, happening once a month from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. These nights will look and feel very similar to a typical Sunday Night from the past – fun themes, dinner, worship, games, a staff-led teaching, and small groups with a volunteer leader. The other nights of the month will be from 6:00-7:00 and will focus on time as a small group only, “Impact Groups.” Students will arrive at the Lodge and head straight to their Impact Group spaces for a snack and time to catch up with their group before diving into the scripture for the week.


Spring 2024 Schedule


February 4  |  5–7pm
Impact Night
Theme: Pink & Red Party


February 25  |  6–7pm
Impact Groups


March 17  |  5–7pm
Impact Night
Theme: March Madness


March 24  |  6–7pm
Impact Groups


April 14  |  5–7pm
Impact Night
Theme: Tacky Prom


April 21  |  6–7pm
Impact Groups


April 28  |  6–7pm
Impact Groups


The Village  
|  Belong Community for Parents
10am  |  The Lodge Patio

Raising children is hard and while we don’t claim to have all the answers, we strive to be a supportive community where you can share your questions, concerns, joys, and outcomes. The Village is open to parents of all ages, whether married or single, particularly those whose children are in the challenging middle school through college years.


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