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The Atlanta Zacchaeus Fellows is a Christ-centered leadership development program for recent college graduates. Through paid degree-related work, spiritual formation studies, leadership development, and many service and community opportunities, Zacchaeus Fellows learn to approach all real-world situations with a Christian world-view.

Our mission is to equip young leaders for Kingdom impact by integrating faith into all areas of their life and work. Our program empowers young leaders to flourish and create value in the world—in work, in relationships, and in service—according to God’s unique call for each person.

The Atlanta Zacchaeus Fellows Program is part of Peachtree Church, one of the largest Presbyterian congregations in North America. Peachtree is a dynamic, multi-generational church located in the heart of Buckhead, in Atlanta, Georgia. At Peachtree, we are committed to joining Christ daily in the restoration of all things. It is this mission and vision that spurred a desire at Peachtree to establish a Fellows Program. We believe in our God-sized opportunity to work with young adults who want to impact our world in ways that honor God.

Why Zacchaeus?

One of Jesus’ most well known interactions in the Gospel of Luke is the story of Zacchaeus, the hated tax collector. Jesus invited Himself into Zacchaeus’s life and the results were disruptive, not only for Zacchaeus, but for the entire village. Hearts were softened and healed. Relationships were established and restored.  Our Fellows program is named for Zaccheaus because we want to walk along side faithful young adults, encouraging them to be a force for reconciliation and restoration, in their lives and in their communities.

Support the Atlanta zacchaeus Fellows program

You can participate in the launch of this vibrant initiative by providing financial resources, or by hosting, mentoring or employing a fellow. Please click a button below volunteer or make a financial contribution to the Zacchaeus Fellows program.

The Atlanta Zacchaeus Fellows is an opportunity for recent college graduates, who are proven leaders, to spend 9 months in community with the Peachtree Church congregation. This is a time of personal reflection and deep theological study as they listen to God’s call on their life for vocation, spiritual discipleship, and grow their servant’s heart through service. Watch as Mariah Smith explains what the fellowship meant to her as a recent college graduate.