March 22-24, 2024

We invite you to join us for the 10th annual Seeds of Hope packing event! This is our opportunity to serve those in Malawi and Liberia by helping them battle food insecurity. 

Together we will pack seeds for over 100,000 gardens for our partners in Malawi and Liberia. That's enough for 1+ million pounds of food in the first harvest!


A single garden can transform a family from food scarcity to sustainability in a single growing season. These seeds allow our partners to eat a healthy diet, sell any surplus to fund their children's education, plus seeds from the produce provide ongoing food security for future growing seasons.


What will Seeds of Hope be like as a volunteer experience?  

Seeds of Hope is a great, high-energy, fun-filled community project! The event has opportunities for seated, standing and moving roles. Anyone aged 5 and up can and should participate as this is a wonderful family event to allow you to work side-by-side serving! Feel free to invite friends outside of the church as we welcome all to come and serve - just remember to register each person individually as we do fill shifts by person and spaces do fill up fast!


A SEED represents a FUTURE. When it is PLANTED and GROWS it produces HOPE.
Help Seed the Kingdom of God!