Tuesdays   |   7–8am   |   The Summit (Upstairs in the Lodge)



The Summit
(Upstairs in the Lodge)

We have a very simple purpose at IRONMEN — To encourage and equip men to become a positive impact for Jesus, at home, at work, and in the community. God’s Word clearly demonstrates that He did not intend for us to live independently, but interdependently by connecting with one another. Our hearts confirm this need for us to encourage one another and to challenge one another.


IRONMEN has nothing to do with triathlons, by the way; our name comes from Proverbs 27.17, our namesake verse:

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
–Proverbs 27:17

We start with a greeting and welcome (and usually corny joke), and a brief introduction of guys who are attending for the first time (pretty much every week.) Then, one of our presenters speaks until 7:30, and there is conversation on the topic around tables. We wrap up at 8:00, so guys are not late for work.


You are welcome to join us any Tuesday—sit at any table you like, they are not assigned or “set” in any formal way.


Ironmen  Calendar

January 17

 Resilient: Intro/Chapter 1
I Just Want Life to Be Good Again

January 24

 Resilient: Chapter 2
 Where Are We? What’s Happening?

January 31

 Resilient: Chapter 3
 The Strength That Prevails

February 7

 Resilient: Chapter 4
 Eden Glory, Not Desolation

 February 14

 Resilient: Chapter 5
 The Assurance of Abundance


February 21

 Resilient: Chapter 6
 Unconverted Placed

February 28

Resilient: Chapter 7
 The Kingdom Without the King

 March 7

Resilient: Chapter 8
 The Deep Well Inside Us

March 14

 Resilient: Chapter 9
 Your Prescription

 March 21

Resilient: Chapter 10
 Hold On!


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