At Peachtree, we want to help individuals Become more Christlike and live out His Kingdom’s purpose. We offer three recurring opportunities designed for learning, training, and transformation.

Honour Academy

Peachtree’s Honour Academy helps train and equip individuals to grow in grace, to live your faith, and become more like Jesus. We do this through equipping and training individuals in the areas of Biblical Literacy, Spiritual Formation, Discipleship and Evangelism, and Cultural Engagement and Apologetics.  

Spiritual Formation Cohorts

Peachtree’s Spiritual Formation Cohort groups journey together, learning about and engaging with Spiritual Practices helping to cultivate lifelong flourishing in their relationship with God.   


Peachtree’s mentoring groups help followers of Jesus become more Christlike and live out His Kingdom’s purpose by committing to a Gospel-Centered, mentoring relationship.

Rev. Cody Jensen
Pastor for Become