Baptism is one of the most significant parts of our worship. Here at Peachtree, we baptize both adults and children under the age of 18 months. In both types of baptism, God is at work in the lives of the one being baptized.

Infant Baptism

Here at Peachtree, the covenant of baptism is one of the most significant parts of our worship. In baptism, God claims your child as His own and is at work in the life of your child from the very beginning. The age requirement for infant baptism is 18 months of age or younger.

Not only is baptism a special occasion for your family, it is a spiritual beginning for your child. In baptism, you are committing to raise your child to know and follow Jesus. As the primary spiritual leader in your child’s life, your confession of faith stands in for your child until the day when your child makes their own decision to follow Jesus as Savior and Lord.


As your faith community, the entire church walks with you in this decision by partnering with you to raise your child to know the stories of Scripture and the ways of a disciple.

We look forward to years of Worship, Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible Schools, Camps, Faith Milestones, Family Mission Trips and more!

To move forward with baptizing your child at Peachtree, please review the below requirements:


The child being baptized must be 18 months of age or younger.

At least one parent must be an active and local member of Peachtree Presbyterian Church.

At least one parent must attend a Baptism Workshop prior to the Baptism Sunday selected, even if a Baptism Workshop was attended for another child. The workshop provides vital information regarding the theology of baptism as well as the details for the baptism day.

If you are ready to have your child baptized, we invite you to choose a Sunday and complete the information online. If you need more information, you may also contact Ashley Grandchamp at or at 404-842-2185.

Adult Baptism

When an adult is baptized, they are making a profession of faith claiming that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of their life. Baptism is just the beginning of a person’s faith journey. Peachtree walks alongside people who make this significant step in their life — helping them grow as followers of Christ. If you are interested in knowing more about Jesus Christ or would like to be baptized, please contact Dr. Chuck Roberts at or at 404-842-5883.

Baptism FAQs

When and where do I come for my child’s baptism?

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the service in which your child will be baptized. Your immediate family (husband and wife and children) should come to the Parlor (room 3319).


NOTE: We do have 1 reserved parking spot for your family on your baptism day. It’s located on the bottom level of the parking garage, directly across the street from the Sanctuary.

Where are the reserved seats in the Sanctuary?

We reserve seats “front and center” in the main, center section of the Sanctuary for our baptism families. If your family needs assistance, any usher can direct them to the baptism reserved seating. Please be sure to indicate on the bulletin information sheet how many seats to reserve for you on your baptism day — please don’t forget to include yourselves as you will join your family prior to the baptism.

 What happens after the baptism?

All baptism families will exit the chancel then go outside for photos (weather permitting), after that point you may return to the Parlor for the remainder of the service.

Can we have pictures taken during the baptism?

We know that it's important to remember your child’s baptism day through pictures. We provide photographers who will take a family pictures outside (weather permitting) and a photographer who will take pictures of the actual baptism during the worship service. We ask that you keep the spirit of the worship service and that you tell your family to not take pictures — even digital pictures — during the worship service. We will mail the pictures to your home about 1-2 months after the baptism. Your family can, of course, take pictures before and after the service.

Can I get a video copy of my child’s baptism?

Yes, again, please ask your family not to record video of the baptism.  We will email you a link with the full service about 1-2 weeks after your baptism.

What information is published in the bulletin?

We WILL publish the names of grandparents and siblings in the digital bulletin. Please be certain to print the information clearly and return the form by the deadline. If we do not receive your information, we will not be able to publish your information in the baptism bulletin.