About us

Peachtree’s Mission

Joining Christ daily
in the restoration of all things.

We believe an active, daily relationship with Jesus Christ is the means by which His followers will bring change to a world in need of love, hope, and joy. By growing in the knowledge and understanding of our faith and demonstrating the authenticity of our beliefs in service to each other and the world, we become partners with God in His great restoration project.

Peachtree’s Values


... because the gospel brings
everyone to the table.

 The love of God compels us to leave behind the things that divide us. We experience the fullness of God when we step outside our generational comfort zones, take risks, and challenge ourselves to know and value each other.


... because perfect love requires
both grace and truth.

The love of God is both warm and firm, both accepting and challenging. We strive to hold these two aspects of God’s love in tension at all times—being reminded that we are fully and ultimately accepted and that we are deeply and consistently challenged to become more like Jesus every day.


... because enacted love
changes people for good.

The love of God, when it is truly and fully lived out changes everything. It changes the way we see the world. It gives us hope for a better life, and it invites us to share what we have received with those around us. We live out the love of God in real, practical ways that make a difference.

Peachtree’s Strategy

a weekly celebration and calibration of God’s grace

ongoing relational communities that gather, learn, serve, and care

recurring opportunities designed for learning, training, and transformation