If you’re on a journey searching for God, new to the city, or looking for a church to join to grow in your faith, you are welcome here at Peachtree! We invite you to take a next step by joining us for our Exploring Peachtree class to learn more.


We look forward to personally meeting you and helping you grow in your faith in Jesus Christ, along with getting more involved at Peachtree!


What can I expect at Exploring Peachtree?

You can expect to hear from pastors and ministry leaders who will guide you through the mission and strategy of Peachtree Church, our core beliefs as a community of faith, and specific ways you can get involved. You will participate in interactive discussions where you can ask questions and share conversations with leaders in the church and other participants that are also considering their next steps at Peachtree. At the end of the class, we offer an opportunity for you to join the church. 


What time does Exploring Peachtree meet?

Exploring Peachtree meets from 10am-12:15pm.  

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Exploring Peachtree

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Melissa Wilson
Senior Belong Coordinator