Peachtree’s Become micro groups help followers of Jesus become more Christlike and live out His Kingdom’s purpose by committing to a Gospel-centered, mentoring relationship.

As followers of Jesus Christ, the focus of our spiritual journey and life is to become more like Him and share His Gospel with others. Many of us, though, feel unequipped to take practical steps toward this goal. Our Become on a Journey mentoring initiative is meant to assist in overcoming these obstacles.


Guides, or mentors, will meet with one to two fellow believers on a weekly basis for nine months. These micro groups will focus on reading and discussing Scripture, diving deeper into prayer, and building trusted community. Guides are likely several steps ahead of those they mentor, in terms of life stage, so they also can help serve as a resource and example.


Peachtree will provide all of the resources these micro groups might need—from suggested books and commentary to better understand Scripture, to staff connections and follow-up—ensuring each participant feels supported and encouraged through this journey.

Rev. Cody Jensen
Pastor for Become