for Humanity

We are very excited to announce Peachtree’s 158th Atlanta Habitat for Humanity home build. Together, we will build a new home over the course of seven Saturdays. Dust off your work gloves, get ready to hammer, and be a hard hat hero!


Volunteers are required to register online and must be at least 16 years old.

A Homeowner’s Story

Meet the family that received the 151st Habitat Home built by the people of Peachtree. To God's glory, Peachtree has built more Habitat homes than any congregation in the world.  

Saturday Volunteers Needed

Day 1: February 19

Floor decking and joists, raise walls, start porch

Day 2: February 26

Prep and install roof trusses, install windows and doors, exterior trim and start siding

Day 3: March 12

Deck and felt roof, install interior framing and sub-fascia, continue siding

Day 4: March 19

Shingle roof, insulate interior, finish siding, begin caulking, and painting exterior

Day 5: April 2

Finish shingling roof, install interior doors, exterior and interior painting, soffit, and fascia

Day 6: April 9

Continue painting and install baseboard, window sills, interior trim, kitchen cabinets, countertops

Day 7: April 23

Clean house interior, touch up painting, rake and clear lot, landscape, dedication