A Recipe for Hunger Prevention

Peachtree is collecting a special offering to benefit our local community by preventing hunger for at-risk families in our area. 

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Rutledge 2021

For over seven decades, Peachtree students have honored a tradition of stepping away from our ever-changing, vast, and bustling world to spend a spiritually engaged week at Camp Rutledge. Away from modern luxuries and disconnected from the world online, these young followers of Christ fellowship among one another and worship our Lord in the serenity, peace, and quiet of God's earth.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! What better way to express words of adoration for a father's love than from the hearts of those who are blessed to receive it? With admiration, appreciation, and love, the children of Peachtree share precious letters, thanking our heavenly Father for the men in their lives they call Dad.

Donate—and Decorate—for Habitat

Join the Ficke family by personalizing a gift of food to Habitat for Humanity families. Through Monday, May 24, collect a box and shopping list from the Peachtree Gym entrance, collect the items, color the box, and then return them. While we can’t assist Habitat with a build, we can be sure these families have staples in their cupboards. PeachtreeChurch.com/Habitat

Confirmation | Spring 2021

Despite the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Peachtree's 2021 Confirmation Retreat has served as a life-changing experience for an exceptional class of 95 students. Joining together to seek answers, learn from mentors, and worship among their peers, these students are choosing Jesus Christ first and fostering a lifelong relationship with a community that does the same.

Bringing Light to Those in the Dark

See how God has worked through Peachtree Church to bring solar-power to Sokola, a mountain village in northern Malawi. After we helped build a girls’ dorm, our members gave to provide a Tesvolt-powered mini-grid that will last for decades, providing lights and power to villagers who have never enjoyed the blessing of electricity.

Home for Christmas

Ebony and her family spent Christmas in a new place, thanks to Nicholas House, which provides homeless families funds and the tools to procure a new place and be self-sufficient. As part of our Christmas 2020 Offering, Peachtree Church helped this and other partners to help those displaced by the pandemic.

Restoring Hope and Joy in Atlanta

During this pandemic, Peachtree is stepping up to provide hope for hundreds of families facing hardship and food insecurity. Meet one of these grateful families and see how Peachtree is joining Christ daily in the restoration of all things, including hope and joy.

India Student Sponsorship

Hear and see a high school student from India, Sampa, explain how the faithful generosity of the Peachtree community is changing her future by providing the money required for her to continue her education.

Clean Water for a Tiny African Village

Imagine having to walk for miles to get a heavy bucket of dirty water to cook with. Now, see how a fresh water well impacts a tiny village in northern Malawi. Peachtree's generosity is restoring joy for this community and making safe water available.

Mobile Medical Mission India

The world is hurting and Peachtree is working to take care of people in our community and around the world. In a time of global pandemic, Peachtree's mobile medical missions in India continue to provide medicine, physicians, and hope when it is needed most.

Check out this story and see how your church is fulfilling our mission of 'Joining Christ daily in the restoration of all things,' even on the other side of the planet.

Feeding the 5000

Peachtree's COVID-19 response includes an initiative to encourage our community by cooperating with our mission partners to address food security concerns during the crisis. See how Peachtree is delivering on our commitment to be an encouragement to our community.

Darria Gillespie, MD, MBA Interview

Dr. Kannwischer interviews Peachtree member, Dr. Darria Gillespie, MD MBA about the recent events relating to COVID-19. Her request for prayer for the medical community and helpful insights will inspire and inform you.


A young boy’s dream is fulfilled when he has access to an education. An education sponsorship provided by Peachtree made high school and college a reality for Bonaventure. Now, he is inspiring others in his village to achieve what he has done.

With Disruptive Compassion

Peachtree’s mission is: Joining Christ daily in the restoration of all things. For the O’Neal family, ‘Joining Christ daily’ is more than a mission statement. It is a way of life and they are seeking to restore hope for some of our state’s most vulnerable.

N.T. Wright Speaks at Peachtree

N. T. Wright grew up in the north-east of England and studied Classics and Theology at Oxford, where he was ordained in 1975 and took his doctorate (on St Paul) in 1981, having served as a college chaplain, and taught New Testament, in both Oxford and Cambridge. He was the Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey and served as the Bishop of Durham from 2003–2010.

Tom Wright has authored more than 70 books, including the bestsellers Simply Christian, Surprised by Hope, and Simply Jesus, as well as the popular ‘Everyone’ series of commentaries and the academic series ‘Christian Origins and the Question of God’. He is now serving as the Chair of New Testament and Early Christianity at the School of Divinity at the University of St. Andrews.


Bill Tucker, an Elder at Peachtree Presbyterian, recently witnessed life-changing restoration during a trip to India.

Peachtree Restoring Hope and Dignity

Hear and see Loretta Zimmermann’s experience from her recent trip to India where she witnessed the restoration of hope and dignity to children rescued from the human trafficking industry. Peachtree is ‘Joining Christ daily in the restoration of all things.’

Rutledge 2019

Every summer for the past 76 years, students at Peachtree attend a week of spiritual retreat at Camp Rutledge. With no smart phones, iPads, or television, the distractions and noise of the world give way to a focus on community and hearing the voice of God.


Peachtree is committed to encouraging and equipping men to become a positive impact for Jesus at home, at work, and in the community. Join us and find fellowship with men who are becoming more Christ-like each week.

Seeds of Hope

Ever wonder what happens to all those seeds we pack in the winter at Peachtree? A film crew traveled with our Senior Pastor, Dr. Richard Kannwischer, and our mission team, to the other side of the planet to see how these seeds are restoring hope in Malawi.

A Place to Belong: Eddy Family

Erik and Shelley have a great marriage, healthy children, successful careers, and a beautiful home. Yet, they both had a sense that something was missing. Having children raised concerns and questions all young parents face. Shelley visited Peachtree and heard about Alpha, a course that explores the basics of the Christian faith. She and Erik decided to attend and began a path of exploration that is helping them find answers to their questions.

A Place to Belong: Cheryl Davis

Cheryl has been a member of Peachtree for many years, but after she and her husband purchased a home at Lake Hartwell, their attendance became less frequent. Years passed, but after her career as an oncology nurse unexpectedly ended, a friend urged her to come to a women’s Bible study at Peachtree...