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The horrifying destruction and loss of life from the war in Ukraine are distressing, yet the bold courage of the Ukrainian people is inspiring. Each day, we see heartbreaking images of the victims of this war and wonder how we can help. The conflict creates tremendous needs among churches that remain inside Ukraine serving their communities and refugees fleeing to neighboring countries.

Camoulflage netting project at a church in Lviv, Ukraine.

Peachtree is already providing support through trusted Christian organizations and churches serving those in need. In Lviv, Ukraine, one such church has transformed its building into a hostel to help those fleeing the fighting. They provide meals, shelter, and their young people join the effort by making camouflage netting.


We invite you to join in prayer for these courageous followers of Christ seeking to live out their faith in desperate circumstances. We also want to ask you to join us in providing critical financial assistance to these communities. Our Easter offering this year will be committed to the crisis in Ukraine.