Attention, attention:

Calling all Peachtree kids! VBS is one of the most exhilarating events at Peachtree each summer and we don't want you to miss it! This year, not even social distancing can stop us with Jesus as our strong foundation. So get excited, then grab your hard hat and tool belt because Peachtree's Concrete and Cranes VBS is coming to you!


$50 per family

anywhere internet is available

anytime of day you would like June 1–4

Although the Peachtree campus will be still, homes across Atlanta will be filled with families building on the love of Jesus together! After registering, each family will recieve a “VBS Toolkit” packed with everything you need to have a blast at Concrete and Cranes VBS—even your t-shirts. Each day in your inbox, you will receive a daily blueprint that will help guide you through the week with worship videos, craft instruction, music and more!

A Note for Supervisors (Mom and Dad):
We are delighted to welcome your family to join us for our Concrete and Cranes Virtual VBS. Some commonly asked questions are below. Our CFM and VBS planning teams have been praying for you, the families of VBS, all year and we are thrilled to still be able to offer VBS to our Peachtree community. We hope you will join us!

I already registered—what should I do?
Great! You are set—we look forward to having your family as a part of VBS 2020.

How exactly will this work? 

VBS toolkits packed with your child’s t-shirt and all needed supplies will be mailed to your family in late May, and media links will be delivered via email each day of VBS. Content can be accessed anytime during the day most convenient for your family. Most children will be able to navigate VBS on their own.

Who should enroll? Is there a target age group?

The target age group for VBS is children in preschool through fourth grade, but this is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy as a family!  (You can even FaceTime in the grandparents and get them involved, too!)

What about our mission partner?
Our mission partner this year is Foster Care Support. 

What if I have already paid more than $50? 
You have the option of asking for a refund, or for donating the extra funds to our mission partner, Foster Care Support. Please note that if we do not receive a refund request by May 15, we will assume you have opted to make a donation. 


I don't think this will work for our family. Can I get a full refund?
Certainly. If you would like a full refund, please fill out this form. 

I have more questions!
No problem, there are bound to be additional questions. Please feel free to email and we will get right back to you!