Where Did My Bible Come From?
September 27–November 1
Kellett Chapel
Peachtree Church is proud to partner with the Candler Foundry at Emory University to present "Where Did My Bible Come From? Exploring the History of the Printed Bible," a unique learning opportunity on Peachtree Church's campus.

If you search on Amazon for "The Bible," you will quickly become overwhelmed with the many decisions needed. What translation do you want? Do you want a paraphrase? Do you want a study bible?

All these choices point to humans' role in collecting, translating, shaping, and presenting a book called "The Bible." This class, led by Dr. Richard Adams, Director of Pitts Theology Library at Emory University, will invite students to carefully consider the history of the development of the Bible as a book. Through hands-on experience with Pitts Theology Library's world-renowned rare book collection, we will explore how the Bible has changed over the centuries and identify the key people who collected, translated, edited, and printed the Bible. Together we will consider how the decisions made shaped how our modern Bibles look and read.

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Kellett Chapel
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